Description:Solar PV array lighting protection AC Combiner Box

For large PV power generation system,In order to reduce the grid connection between the grid-connected inverter and the cabinet, it is convenient to maintain and improve the reliability.It is necessary to add a DC bus between the PV grid-connected inverter and the cabinet.PV AC lightning protection combiner box series products of the company is specially designed to meet this requirement,Can be composed of PV inverter products matching with complete PV system solutions.Using Ac combiner box,the user can according to the AC power cabinet rated input current and voltage, the output of a certain number of grid connected inverter by lightning protection device and circuit breaker for confluence, convenient access level power cabinet.

Technical data

Number Parameter name              Value
1 Size(MM) 900*700*220(W*H*D)
2 Rated input voltage(V) 480V ac
3 Rated insulation voltage (V) 690V ac
4 Rated frequency(Hz) 50
5 Busbar rated current(A) Horizontal bus 400A
6 Rated short-time withstand
current effective value Icw(1 sec)(kA)
Horizontal bus 30
7 Rated short-time withstand
current maximum value  Ipk(kA)
Horizontal bus 30
8 Power frequency withstand voltage for 1 minutes(V) 2500VAC
9 Temperature rise:
Conforms to IEC 947-1 for temperature rise,and
the temperature rise does not exceed the corresponding
standard requirements of the component.
Terminals for external insulated conductors: Not more than 70K
Busbar connection(Copper - Copper):Not more than 70k
Handle the surface of the insulation is not greater than 25K
Contactable shell and sheathing, metal surface is not greater than 30K
10 Input switch 6ways.63A/3P.MCCB
11 Output switch 1way.400A/3P.MCCB
13 Protection level IP65,outdoor class B,IP20 After opening
14 Lightning protection level Class C lighting protection
16 Fire-proof level UL790 - Class C
17 Environmental requirements satisfied
18 Installation Wall type/Rack mounted
19 Way of entry and exit Down in  and out
20 Maintenance mode Positive maintenance, and the circuit breaker has a protective panel

Internal layout