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19 03

Exhibition:HANNOVER MESSE 2019

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Exhibition:HANNOVER MESSE 2019 Venue:Messegelände D-30521 Hannover Germany Date:1st-5th , April 2019 Booth:Hall 12 G10-28 WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR VISITING

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27 02

Middle East Electricity 2019

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Middle East Electricity 2019 Time:05 Mar 2019 - 07 Mar 2019 Address:Dubai World Trade Center, UAE Booth No.:# Z1.F25

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01 06

How should consumers choose miniature circuit breakers

Publish Time:2015-06-01 Author:admin Views:7

There are too many kinds of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) in the market,so choosing a suitable MCB is very important issue for the customers.The MCB is used to protect the overload of electrical eq

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05 02

Welcome foreign customers to visit our company

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Through meticulosity and repeatedly hammered, we have founded the remarkable quality. Our products have passed through the domestic and foreign authentications including cUL us CCC, CB, CE,and so on, Besides, MCB and AC Contactor have got the patent for designed- appearance. We've got the certificate of ISO9001 Int'I Quality System ..

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25 09

Miniature circuit breakers

Publish Time:2015-09-25 Author:admin Views:16

MCB (Circuit Breaker or Miniature Circuit Breaker Micro) is the most widely used in the construction of electrical terminal distribution device. For 125A following single-phase and three-phase short circuit, overload, over-voltage protection, including unipolar 1p, diode 2p, tripolar 3P, quadrupole 4P.

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11 10

The 124th Canton Fair

Publish Time:2018-10-11 Author:admin Views:0

Exhibition: The 124th Canton Fair Date:Oct 15th to 19th, 2018 Exhibition address:China Import and Export Complex Booth No.:10.3G27-28

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05 02

What is the principle of selection of AC contactor ?

Publish Time:2015-02-05 Author:admin Views:0

The voltage level of AC contactor and load the same, contactor type selection and adapt to load. (2) to calculate the current load to meet the contactor capacity level, that is to calculate the curren

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14 11

Electricx and Solar-Tec 2018

Publish Time:2018-11-14 Author:admin Views:0

Electricx and Solar-Tec 2018 Booth No.: H4H49 Date: Nov 17th to 19th,2018 Add: Mosheeer Corridor,Behind EI Mosheer Mosq,New Cairo,Cairo,Egypt

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15 07

Solar DC Box Supplier

Publish Time:2019-07-15 Author:admin Views:0

Wenzhou Kangyu Electrical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002. It is an integrated industry&trading enterprise for exploitation,production,sales and service.

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05 07

Working principle and scope of application of thermal overload relay

Publish Time:2019-07-05 Author:admin Views:0

The thermal components of the thermal overload relay are connected to the motor circuit either directly or via a current transformer. When t

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01 07

Solar PV box products and features

Publish Time:2019-07-01 Author:admin Views:0

The main function of the solar photovoltaic box is to make a first-level convergence of the input of the photovoltaic cell array, to reduce the connection of the photovoltaic array to the inverter, optimize the system structure, and improve reliability and maintainability.

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25 06

Residual current circuit breaker installation precautions

Publish Time:2019-06-25 Author:admin Views:0

Please check if the product specifications and models are correct before installation, and whether the accessories are complete;

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21 06

How to determine if the air conditioning relay is damaged

Publish Time:2019-06-21 Author:admin Views:0

How to determine if the air conditioning relay is damaged: 1. The refrigeration compressor cannot work after power-on; 2. Check if the power

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18 06

How to choose a miniature circuit breaker

Publish Time:2019-06-18 Author:admin Views:0

In the civil building design, the low-voltage circuit breaker is mainly used for line overload, short circuit, over current, voltage loss, under voltage, grounding, leakage, automatic switching of dual power supply and protection and operation of the motor during infrequent starting.

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14 06

Main features of residual current circuit breaker

Publish Time:2019-06-14 Author:admin Views:0

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06 06

Do you know what is an air conditioning relay

Publish Time:2019-06-06 Author:admin Views:0

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04 06

Things to be aware of when installing a PV combiner box

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30 05

How the circuit breaker works

Publish Time:2019-05-30 Author:admin Views:0

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13 05

The main benefits and features of Thermal overload relays

Publish Time:2019-05-13 Author:admin Views:0

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