L7 Residual current circuit breaker 2 Pole

The RCD is in conformity with the standards of IEC1008,GB16916 and BS EN61008.The RCD can cut off the fault circuit immediately and on the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage of trunk,thus it is suitable to avoid the shock hazard and fire caused by eartg leakage.

The RCD is mainly suitable for using in variety of plants and enterprises,building construction,commerce,guesthouses and families.It can be used in circuits up to single phase 230V,three phases 400V 50 to 60HZ,RCD is not suitable for using on DC pulse system.


Design according to  IEC 1008(EN 61008)
Tripping time  undelayed
min.10 ms delay
min.40 ms delay
with selective disconnecting function
Rated voltage 230/400V:50HZ
Rated tripping current 10,30,100,300,500mA
Sensitivity AC and pulsating DC
Rated short 10KA with 63A gL back-up fuse
Circuit strength 10KA with 80A gL(F7-80 and-863)
6KA(rated current 63A)with 63A gL
Maximum back-up fuse for 63A gL
Short circuit protection 80A gL(F7-80 and-863)
Maximum back-up fuse for 45A gL(F7-25 and-40A)
Oveload protection 40A gL(F7-80A)
Resistance to climatic conditions accordign to IED 1008
Degree of protection built-in switch IP 40
Endurance electrical comp. ≤4.000 operating cycles
mech comp. ≥20.000 operating cycles


Frame size 45mm
Socket size 80mm
Device width 35mm(2mod),70mm(4mod)
Mounting quick fastening with 2 lock-in
Positions on DIN rail En50022
Upper and lower terminals open mouthed/lift terminals
Terminal protection finger and hand touch safe
Terminal capacity 1--25mm
Busbar thickness 0.8-2mm