How should consumers choose miniature circuit breakers

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There are too many kinds of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) in the market,so choosing a suitable MCB is very important issue for the customers.The MCB is used to protect the overload of electrical equipment and circuits.It needs to high safety and its quality will be influence the safety of family.

There are some important things need to be noticed when the customers choose the MCB:1、Choosing regular mall or shopping market to buy the MCB.And,please noticed the manufacturer、address on the package,whether have a model sticker,such as DZ47-63 C20 230/400V etc.And,don’t forget to get the invoice or voucher.2、Asking the wholesale to offer the quality testing report or “3C” certificate.3、When you decorate the houses,please checking the products to ensure the security.It’s also necessary to check the code of testing report on the internet.4、Please check the products in time to avoid the matter.5、It should be suitable for the electrical equipment.And some high-capacity need to choose the professional ones.

As we know that,there are some famous MCB manufacturer in China,such as CHINT,TENGEN,DELIXI,KAYAL etc.How should we differentiate the quality of MCB( the appearance is the first.Whether have the crack,chromatism etc.The second,Whether have the pungent when we smell it?Whether have a should when we shock it?Copper coil and quantity are also decided the quality of the products.At the last,the company also decided the quality of the products.KAYAL has about 10 years history,and he has been hard for consumer.They have developed a small volume and high breaking capacity successfully---C65 type.It also has attractive appearance and have approved by many kinds of certificates.A trustworthy manufacturer for the customer.